We want to maintain HOLLA as a fun and safe place for all our users. Therefore, please take a moment to read our community rules below. Users who violate these rules will be banished from HOLLA for eternity.

Use Real Info

Please make sure to enter the correct age and gender for your profile. HOLLA uses its unique algorithm to match you to another user whom we think both of you will have a great time matching with. By lying about your age and gender, it will bring an unfair and unpleasant HOLLA experience for others. If discovered, our system has the right to automatically correct the information for you. Please help report users that appear to have the incorrect information for our team to review. Users under the age of 18 is not allowed on our platform.

Use Appropriate Photos

Please use appropriate and non-offensive profile photos that does not contain violence, nudity, or offensive/discriminating imagery. If found to be inappropriate, we will remove your photo immediately to protect other users in the HOLLA community.

Be Polite

HOLLA has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to cyberbullying. Cyberbullying includes, but is not limited to, any action taken to offend another user through the use of inappropriate behavior, nudity, violence, profanity, racism, sexism, threats, illegal actions, and so on. Any users engaging in such a behavior will be banned for eternity on HOLLA, no questions asked. Be warned, any actions that need to be forwarded to the authorities will be reported immediately.

Please help us make HOLLA an awesome community by reporting any user that may be conducting cyberbullying. You can use the report button on the upper right of the video chat screen and the user profile screen. Once reported, the user is blocked from harassing you forever, and will be reviewed by our team immediately.

Be Nice

Everyone enjoys a nice conversation, so smile lots and don’t offend. Keep insults to yourself, and think about how awesome the other user is. Shower them with compliments, and they will compliment back. Hey, it’s a two-way street okay? Trust us, it works.

Have Empathy

We all have our good days and bad days, and we all have one of those moments where we want to talk to someone. That’s why we created HOLLA in the first place so we can find someone to talk anytime anywhere! So please be mindful of other people’s feelings, be there for them, and if you think someone on HOLLA is feeling extra stress or anxiety and needs to talk to a professional, or may be trying to inflict self-harm, please let us know ASAP. We want to make sure HOLLA is a safe haven for all.

Be Courteous

Please don’t take screenshots or videos of other users without their consent. We’re sure that you wouldn’t want the same to happen to you. If for any reason a user’s privacy rights have been violated, the violator may be punished to the full extent of the law.

Age Restriction

Please note that there is an age restriction on HOLLA. Users under the age of 18 cannot create an account with HOLLA and is not allowed on the platform. Please respect our community rules and help us monitor/report any underage users. HOLLA has the right to ban and delete any underage user accounts.

What is HOLLA?

HOLLA is the coolest new social app that allows users to instantly meet fun people from all over the world! With one tap, you are instantly matched with one of the 7 billion beautiful souls on this planet to start a video chat. Our mission is to connect fun and interesting people to each other, breaking down geographic boundaries and allowing them to meet and greet in seconds, create new friendships worldwide. Enjoy!

How does HOLLA keep its community safe?

HOLLA utilizes AI visual recognition software to monitor its community 24/7 to ensure HOLLA stays fun and safe for all users. The software algorithm automatically scans for inappropriate behavior (violence and nudity) on our platform and immediately bans any user with suspicious behavior. The AI software also conducts automated machine learning to improve its efficiency at identifying inappropriate users. We also combine the automated AI software with a team of human (not seals) moderators that reviews all banned and flagged activities in real time. We take the safety of our community very seriously and will ban any user that has been proven to be violating our community rules. For specifics on our community rules, please read the Community Rules section above.

Is there an age restriction on HOLLA?

Users under the age of 18 is not allowed on HOLLA in order to protect the safety of underage users. So if you are under 18, please don’t try to create an account on HOLLA. If discovered, we have the right to ban and delete any underage user accounts.

Can I change my match preferences?

You can tailor your matches by using our match preference function at the top of the main page. From the drop down menu you can select the match gender, language, as well as enabling/disabling the ACCEPT function. By disabling the ACCEPT function, you get much faster matches, but less control over who you match with.

Remember, you need gems to use the gender selection function. You can get gems easily by exchanging them for FREE or purchasing them from the HOLLA store. For info on free gems, please see the "How do I get free gems?" section below.

How do I add new friends on HOLLA?

During video chat with another user, both users are able to send each other a friend request by tapping the add friend icon below the other user’s profile photo. Once sent, a request confirmation will be shown on the other user's screen for confirmation. If the other user confirms the friend request, you are now friends and can video chat for free anytime anywhere!

If both users forget to send a friend request during the chat, you can send a private message to the other user in the "My Recent Matches" section on the Chat Page for 100 gems. This also serves as a friend request, and if the other user accepts, you two will now be friends! Gems are setup to prevent an overwhelming amount of unwanted messages from too many users.

How do I get free gems?

You can get FREE gems by 2 ways:

  • - Inviting friends to HOLLA:You will receive the gems AFTER your friends join HOLLA by either Facebook or phone number, and our system will automatically link you as friends. After your friend stays active for a few matches, you will be rewarded with the gems! For each friend that joins HOLLA you will be rewarded 20 gems! MONEYYY!!!
  • - Redeeming with "Smiles": You can collect "Smiles" during your video chats by smiling at the camera or have the other user send you a "Smile" by tapping the "Smile" button on the bottom right of the screen. To redeem for gems, simply go to the “Me” page and tap on the section "Get Free Gems." Remember, the more smiles you have, the more gems you get, so be nice and smile!

I invited my friends to join but did not receive any gems, why?

You will receive the gems once your friend joins HOLLA and signs in by either Facebook or phone number and successfully matches with a few people to become an official active user. If you still did not receive the gems, please contact us at

Can I select a specific language to match with?

Yes! Simply go to the match preferences drop down menu at the top of the main discovery page and you can choose the language you wish to match with. Remember, this is simply a priority selection, you may still match with users in other languages if our match algorithm thinks you two are a perfect match!

What do I do when I see offensive behavior?

The HOLLA community is filled with awesome and fun people from all over the world. Unfortunately there are still a few weirdos out there and we sincerely apologize if you encounter one of these rare creatures of the night. We have a very strict visual auto-detection AI recognition algorithm set up 24/7 trying to contain these beasts. However they are quite fickle and we sometimes miss one or two, so we ask all HOLLA users to join our fight against indecency and help us maintain the HOLLA Community as a fun and safe haven for all by using the report button. Those who are reported are reviewed instantly and banished into the wilderness if found guilty. Those who walk the borderline will have their account flagged, and will have a much harder time matching with high quality users on HOLLA. 

I keep getting skipped, what do I do?

We all have our preferences, we get that, so no worries! There are millions of users on HOLLA and you are bound to find the perfect match soon enough! We do have suggestions for you to quicken that process. We highly recommend starting the conversation with a joke or a funny face, or think of something creative that will capture the other person's attention immediately. If you have some hidden talents, don't be shy and bust it out! We have quite a few hidden magicians and American Idol's within the HOLLA community! So be creative and break that ice!

I got something to tell the HOLLA team, where do I go?

Since the launch of HOLLA just a few months ago, we have received so much love and so many awesome recommendations from our users that we feel truly blessed to have the opportunity of creating HOLLA.  We strongly believe our users are the foundation of our product, thus we love to hear any opinions or suggestions on how to further improve HOLLA.  Just shoot us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

For any problems that you may encounter on HOLLA, please be specific and attach screenshots when appropriate to help us better locate the problems. We ask all to be patient with our response time, we are a small team of 5 magical elves slaving away 24/7 in the development dungeon, and we promise to reply back as soon as we can. 

We want to thank each and every one of our users for giving HOLLA a chance.  We promise to never stop improving your HOLLA experience, bringing more and more fun and magical new features in the very near future.  We hope you will continue to enjoy HOLLA! Now put on that smile and get ready to meet someone awesome!